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2017 Barada Camp, Slovenia

Mr de Silva and members of De Silva Taekwon-Do “Team Warrior” travelled to Rogla, Slovenia on 12 May for a martial arts masterclass from ITF legends Tomzs Barada, Master Willy van de Mortel, Stephen Tapilatu and Bianca Barada-Tapilatu. It was part of the three-day Barada camp, which not only attracts high-level competitors to its taekwondo coaching sessions, but also hosts kickboxing, Krav Maga, MMA and boxing classes.

The Barada Camp is a family affair as Tomaz and Bianca are married, while Bianca is Stephen Tapilatu’s sister.

The taekwondo athletes were taught by Dutch former ITF World Champion and two-time King of Taekwondo Stephen Tapilatu.

Tomaz – a WAKO kickboxing legend as well as an ITF taekwondo champion taught full and light contact kickboxing, while world class coach Istvan Kiraly took the point sparring class.

Bianca Barada, another European and world champion, took Aerokicking and Bianbox.

Finally, Master Willy Van de Mortel, a winner of more than 140 ITF titles, taught the military self defence discipline Krav Maga, mixed martial artist Zelg Galesic, also a former ITF Taekwon-Do World Champion, was in charge of the MMA classes, and boxing was led by Dejan Zavec.

You can learn many different martial arts, including taekwondo, at the North West London Academy of Team Warrior,  The Broadway Studio in Ealing.