1How do I communicate with The De Silva Team?
It depends on what you need.

You’ll be glad to know that most information you may need can be found on our website but if it’s something more personal the easiest way to contact The De Silva Team is via email.

If it’s urgent, you can give us a call to have a quick chat with one of the team.
2I have emailed the office but I haven’t heard back.
Our office team generally replies to enquiries within 24 hours on working days. If you haven’t heard from us after several days please double check your spam folder as some email providers accidentally filter us into this folder. If you still haven’t found our reply please call us and we will look into it.
3Do you just do classes?
No. Here’s a few of the many other things you can take part in:
  • Gradings – Your chance to put your skills to the test and demonstrate that you deserve to attain your next belt.
  • Competitions - An invaluable opportunity to test yourself, gain experience in a controlled environment, enhance your training and help with your progression.
  • Seminars – We’ll tackle subjects on all things Taekwon-Do, fitness and technique so you can upgrade your knowledge.

  • Any upcoming event will be announced on the notice board on our website.
    4Do you run classes during the school holidays?
    We run lessons almost all year round, closely following the local schools’ term date calendar with the exception of the Easter and Summer holidays where we run additional classes. For a quick glance to check when the lessons are on go to the notice board.

  • There are 2 weeks off for Christmas/New Year’s
  • There is 1 week off for Easter
  • There are 2 weeks’ off for Summer Holidays (last two weeks of August)
  • There is 1 week off for half term, for each school term.
  • There are no lessons on the weekend of the International Tournament which we host - The Warrior Open.
  • No classes will be held on Bank Holiday Mondays.

  • Lesson fees are charged as a fixed monthly amount based on a 44 week teaching year.


    1What equipment do I need?
    For Very Lil’ Warriors (3 – 4 year olds) and Little Warriors (5 – 6 year olds), you will need:
  • Your De SIlva Taekwon-Do Black and Yellow uniform
  • Belt
  • For everyone else (7 years old+), you will need:
  • Your De Silva Taekwon-Do white uniform
  • Belt
  • True Warrior Semi-contact gloves
  • True Warrior semi-contact boots
  • Top Ten Headguard
  • Mouthguard
  • Groin shield (males- optional for training but necessary for competitions)
  • Shin pads (optional for training but necessary for competitions)
  • 2Where can I buy equipment?
    True Warrior is the official, approved equipment supplier for De Silva Taekwon-Do, and all students must wear only True Warrior items.

    True Warrior equipment can be purchased directly from their website. Please note the standard UK delivery takes a minimum of 14 working days.
    3What size uniform/equipment should I buy?
    If you are not sure what size to buy after checking the size chart on the supplier's website, True Warrior, we recommend you speak to your instructor for advice or email the office for assistance.
    4I bought the wrong size uniform/equipment. Can I exchange it?
    Yes, True warrior will gladly accept returns or exchanges of new, unworn, unwashed, and unaltered merchandise with all internal garment tags intact with your original receipt within thirty (30) days of the date of the Shipment Confirmation or personal delivery unless a longer period of time is specified in writing at the time of purchase, Order Confirmation, or Shipment Confirmation.

    If you wish to exchange a product you need to follow three simple steps:
  • Email your request to the office.
  • Bring the item to be exchanged to class and hand it over to your instructor.
  • You will receive your exchange in class within a week of us receiving it subject to the replacement item being in stock.
  • 5Can I buy the uniform after I’ve joined?
    If you buy your uniform straight after your Free Trial Class, you will benefit from having a 10% discount on your uniform purchase which is valid for one month after joining.

    Uniforms must be purchased no later than 3 months after the start of training or before the first tournament or grading (whichever is sooner).
    If you decide not to purchase the uniform after your Free Trial Class, you can wear light and comfortable clothing for this period.


    1Do I need a licence and insurance?
    All students who train with De Silva Taekwon-Do, must have valid De Silva Taekwon-Do Club insurance and Membership which is renewed annually. Insurance from another club, group or association will not be allowed. Insurance fees are not refundable after 7 days from the payment being made.
    2Do you offer discounts?
    Yes. If you decide to join us and order your uniform in the first month, you will save 10% on your uniform purchase.

    Also, if two family members from the same household are training together, then you will be entitled to 10% off each membership or 15% off, if more than two join.
    3Can I bring a friend/family member?
    Of course you can. We love friends and families that train together. It’s great to have something outside of your normal social circle or home situations which brings you together with those you love.

    If you’re thinking of bringing a friend and/or family member, then just ask them to contact us, and we’ll be happy to have a chat with them to answer their questions and if they join you’ll get rewarded with a £25 gift voucher for our equipment supplier, True Warrior.
    4What happens if I miss a class?
    We get it, you’re not always going to make every class you intend to.

    With that in mind, you’re welcome to attend our online classes via zoom to make up for the class missed.

    I’m afraid you can’t join another class on a different day as we have a limited number of students in each class and you can only train on the classes you are registered in.

    Similarly, it’s best to set the right intention and habits from the start, and if you can, ensure you come to the classes you’ve signed up for, so you get the most from your training.
    5I’m going on holiday. Can I freeze my membership payment?
    Yes. For those students who are planning a leave of more than 2 weeks, we offer the option of freezing their membership for 1 month at a cost of £8.00/month per student.
    6I’d like some Private Training sessions, do you offer them?
    Yes, private lessons are very popular. You can work one-on-one with a private instructor to hone difficult skills or achieve a specific goal.

    Just contact us when you’re ready to have a quick chat, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


    1How often is Grading?
    We hold a grading in approximately every quarter. This is just so you have the opportunity to grade at different times of the year.

    It’s not a chance for you to grade four times a year! The likelihood is that you will only grade once or twice a year, but this is dependent on the individual, as we all individually mature and learn at different rates. You can find further information on the grading criteria on our Club Rules
    2How will announcements regarding gradings be made?
    The Grading date and any information related to the grading will be announced on the website’s notice board, e-newsletter, and mentioned by the instructors at the beginning/end of classes in the leading weeks running up to a Grading.

    A formal Grading invitation is individually sent out approximately 4 weeks prior to the grading date.
    3I haven’t received a formal invitation to grade, can I attend?
    Not all students are invited to grade at the same time as students are ready to grade at different rates but you should still receive an email letting you know either way. Please check your spam folder as sometimes emails end up there, if you still haven’t received it please contact the office at for assistance.
    4I cannot attend the grading, how long until I can grade next?
    No need to worry. We hold a grading approximately every 3 months so If for any reason you miss the grading there will be more opportunities to grade.
    5I have already registered for the grading but I won’t be able to attend.
    If you cannot attend please notify the office no later than 24 hours before the grading to receive a refund.
    6What should I wear to the grading?
    All students are required to wear their Taekwon-Do uniform and their current belt.
    7What happens if I arrive late for the grading?
    It is essential to be in time for the grading as late arrivals will not be allowed to grade in a different group and they will forfeit their grading fee.

    To avoid disappointment, we strongly advise you to arrive at least 15 minutes before your grading time.
    8Will there be classes at the academy on Grading day?
    Yes, lessons will run at normal times at all academies on Grading day.
    9How would you recommend that I prepare my child for a grading without having seen what they have learnt in class?
    It is the work of the instructors to prepare the students for grading, so we do not require specific home instructions to be given in addition beyond the regular advice for regular stretching and balance exercises. However we always recommend practising the patterns, kicks or refreshing the Korean theory at home to sharpen the knowledge and techniques especially ahead of gradings. For this, we have a wealth of training resources available on the member’s zone of our website under Training @ Home.

    This is an optional extra as at such a young age and with other activities and homework we don’t want to push too hard too soon. The curriculum does intensify amongst older juniors but this is also on a case by case basis as each child matures at different rates. You can always consult the instructor of your children before or after a class to see if they recommend a specific stretching or additional exercise.
    10How long will it take to get my Black Belt?
    Achieving the Grade of Black Belt should be no easy feat. Also, the problem giving an exact time frame lies in the fact that most Martial Arts Schools have different teachings.

    The youngest we can start looking at the criteria for this is 12/13. Many children considered at this age have been training since the Lil’ Warriors class and have built up years of consistent training. Your class instructor can give more individual advice based on your progress.

    The Warrior Open 2024

    1Tournament Information
    The Warrior Open will be held on Saturday 9 March & Sunday 10 March 2024.

    It will be held at:

    • Harrow Leisure Centre,
    • Byron Hall,
    • Christchurch Avenue,
    • Harrow, HA3 5BD
    • United Kingdom
    The Warrior Open will be an all-day event, and more information regarding timings will be released once the registration period has closed.

    Registration Deadline is Tuesday 8 February 2024. Registration is done via our Members Zone.
    2Who can compete?
    The Warrior Open is compulsory for all De Silva Club members over the age of 7, as it is a unique opportunity to compete locally in London as a hosting club in an International Championship.
    3What equipment do I need?
    All De Silva students must wear the academy's tracksuit* (top & bottoms) upon arrival, and change into their uniforms before competing.

    IMPORTANT- No sparring equipment will be available to hire on the day, please bring your own.

    Equipment list:
    • Headguard
    • Semi-contact gloves
    • Semi-contact boots
    • Mouth guard
    • Shin pads
    • Groin guard (males)
    If you are missing any items please visit the True Warrior website to purchase them.

    Please note that equipment orders can take up to 14 days to be delivered

    If you find that any items you want to purchase are out of stock, please let us know by emailing us here to send you a notification as are in regular communication with the supplier.
    4Tournament Registration
    All competitors must register in person and be height or weight checked to confirm they have been entered into the correct divisions.

    The registration sessions will be held in class with their instructor, in the coming weeks leading up to the event.
    5Travel Arrangements
    Paid parking is available on site.

    Public Transport
    Harrow Leisure Centre is within a 10 minute walk from Harrow & Wealdstone Underground station (Bakerloo line)
    6Are spectators allowed?
    Yes! Friends and family are most welcome. Tickets will be available to pre-book before the event. More information about spectator tickets will be released in due course.
    7Will food and refreshments be available?
    Yes, there will be a selection of cold and hot drinks and snacks available on the day.