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About us

The De Silva Taekwon-Do Association was first formed in 1998 in Wembley, London, by Master Johann De Silva – VII Degree Black Belt.
De Silva Taekwon-Do is member of ITF England, the National Governing body for Taekwon-Do in England and now has three full-time training academies in Wembley, Ealing, and Ruislip. We are a professional organisation and conform to the expert standards set out by the International Taekwon-Do Federation.
De Silva Taekwon-Do is internationally renowned for its excellence. Master de Silva is an internationally acclaimed instructor, conducting technical training seminars all over the World. The academies' instructors are dedicated, experienced experts, which is why our Black Belt ranks are filled with a wealth of World, European and National Champions.

What our members say

  • Emily S.
    I've never done any combat sports in my life and I’ve always thought it's too late to take up any. I was referred to the academy when one of my colleagues said the Academy does Adult Beginner classes for ITF Taekwondo and I should try it out. BEST decision of my life. Instructors and lecturers were AMAZING --- It doesn't only teach you drills but it's practical too, loads of time spent doing sparring and self-defence which is very useful.
    Emily S.
    Ealing Academy
  • Eva M.
    My son has been attending for about 3 years and he's progressed really well at a good steady pace. It's lovely to see how passionate the instructors are about the sport, their students' growth, development and wellbeing. The school continued to provide access to the students through online classes during the pandemic and went above and beyond to create a safe and sanitised environment in class when they returned.
    Eva M.
    Ealing Academy
  • Thomas K.
    Amazing place with people full of passion. Both my kids have been training with De Silva Taekwondo branch in Ruislip for about 5 years! Mr Thomas is so supportive and dedicated teacher. Has a great approach towards small kids. We have invested well our time and money for this activity which became their passion.
    Thomas K.
    Ruislip Academy
  • Natalie C.
    Mum & Dad say - 'Our children have been attending Taekwon-Do for the past 5 years, both of them starting in the little warrior's classes. Little warriors classes were a great confidence builder for both of my children, particularly my youngest. The team were very nurturing and supportive of the children. They now both attend 7-13 warrior classes. They have taken part in gradings and regular tournaments, each time growing in confidence. We have been lucky to experience many of the teachers in our time with the club and all of them have been amazing. Thank you to all the team for the past 5 years and here's to 5 years more!
    Natalie C.
    Ealing Academy

It's a family affair

Many of our members have been training with us for a number of years, indeed we have whole generations of families who choose to train with us! We believe this is because we offer a safe, fun and welcoming environment for everyone.
We are one of very few clubs in the UK who teach children as young as 3 years old and with every class being divided into age and ability rating, you can be sure there’s a space in class just right for you. Book a free trial class today and come and join Team Warrior.

Find a class of your own