1) It is a mandatory requirement that all students who train with De Silva Taekwon-Do, must have valid De Silva Taekwon-Do Club insurance and Membership. 

2) Insurance from another club, group or association will not be allowed

3) Insurance is renewed on an annual basis.

4) The insurance fee is reviewed on 31 December of each year. As of 1 January 2020 the annual insurance and club membership fee is £55
1) All lesson fees must be paid by Direct Debit. We do not accept cash payments or any other form of payment.

2) Payment is made on the 15th month in advance of the next month’s training. For example payment made on 15 January will be for all training from 1 February, for the entire month.

3) NEST is the 3rd party company which manages all of our online direct debits.

4) We will work with NEST to set up your Electronic Direct Debit (EDD) before training commences.

5) We will assist with the set-up of your Electronic Direct Debit.

6) Lesson fees are charged as a fixed monthly amount based on a 42 week teaching year. 
    a) There are 2 weeks off for Christmas/New Year’s
    b) There are 2 weeks' off for Easter
    c) There are 2 weeks’ off for Summer Holidays (last two weeks of August)
    d) There is 1 week off for half term, for each school term. 
    e) There is no lessons on the weekend of the International Tournament which we host - The Warrior Open.
    f) No classes will be held on Bank Holiday Mondays.
7) Lesson fees are based on the class, how often a student trains and if access to the TKD Tekkers Training Hub is provided.
    a) All students who are intermediate grade or above, must train and be on at least a Gold Package, getting charged for at least two sessions per week.
    b) All Black Belts or students training in a Black Belt/Advanced class, must be on a Black Package.
8) Sums will not be refunded for missed classes.  

9) A student who will have a planned absence of more than two weeks may request to freeze their EDD  with no less than one month’s written notice.  a) Students will be charged £8/month for the period that Membership is frozen, up to a maximum of 4 weeks.  

10) Students must give one month’s written notice of an intention to change/cancel the payment plan. 

11) There will be a £10 admin fee for any overdue payments. Students may be denied the right to grade or train, where overdue payments are owed.

12) Once the membership and direct debit is cancelled, the contract with us is terminated and the student is removed from our mailing list. If they wish to rejoin at a later time they would need to pay the joining fee again. Alternatively see clause 9a.
    12a) The annual insurance/membership fee is non-refundable.
1) Students are only allowed to train in and use items from our official approved supplier, True Warrior. Items from any other supplier will not be permitted.

2) Uniforms - Students are only allowed to wear De Silva Taekwon-Do Club specific uniforms. 
    a) Uniforms must be clean, fitting and in good conditioned. Where a student’s uniform is deemed to be unsuitable will be required to replace 
3) Equipment
    a) Sparring equipment cannot be hired or shared. Each student must have their own equipment.
    b) All students must have the equipment required as per their age, level or grade.
4) A student who is promoted, will need to have all the items for that specific class or grade, before they are allowed to start training in their new class.

5) Requirements
a) Lil’ Warriors
b) De Silva TKD ITF Uniform
No later than 3 months after the start of training, or before the student’s first Grading, Assessment or Tournament, whichever is sooner.
2.Sparring Gloves, Sparring BootsOnce a student is Yellow Belt or before first Tournament or Grading, whichever is sooner.
3.Mouth GuardOnce a student is Yellow Belt or before first Tournament or Grading, whichever is sooner.

Students can use one other sports such as rugby or hockey if they already have one and it is suitable.
4.Head GuardOnce a student is Yellow Belt or before first Tournament or Grading, whichever is sooner.
5.Shin GuardsOnce a student is Yellow Belt or before first Tournament or Grading, whichever is sooner.
6.Groin GuardOnce a student is Yellow Belt or before first Tournament.

Students can use one other sports such as rugby or hockey if they already have one and it is suitable.
Grading tests for belt rankings are the time when students have an opportunity to demonstrate all the techniques they have learned in class, show their physical and mental discipline, and earn coloured belts which signify their increasing proficiency and progress through the martial art of Taekwon-Do.


Each student will always be trained and assessed on their own, individual merits and performance. However, we have provided some brief details of the criteria we use to select a student for an Assessment or Grading.

AttendanceHas the student been completed the minimum training time for the grade, training regularly, during this time.
AbilityHas the student achieved the relevant technical competency for the grade they wish to be promoted to.
AgeIs the student old enough for the grade, based on the De Silva Taekwon-Do Association criteria.
AttitudeDoes the student have the correct attitude and responsibility for the grade they wish to be promoted to.
ActivityThis is relevant for more senior grades, but In addition to training in class with their instructor, we also look at whether the student doing any external practice or conditioning to help their progress.


Lil’ Warriors Taekwon-Do is a unique training programme created by Master de Silva in 2006 to provide younger children with an opportunity to learn the core movements and fundamental elements of Taekwon-Do, before they enter the full ITF Taekwon-Do training at age 7.

Assessment for our youngest members are held every quarter. Subject to regular training, we aim to send each Lil’ Warrior for each Assessment. 


Students who are 7 years and older train in our ITF Taekwon-Do Programme. Included below is the timeline, between grades. 

These are the minimum times, and to be as a guideline only, not a set, fixed time. 

Training times are based on 2 x 1 hour classes per week, for a continuous period of training. Where a student is more than 10 minutes late for a class, “attendance credit” for that class will be halved.

The timelines listed above are a minimum expectation of the timelines involved and are not automatic. They require consideration that the requirements for the belt grade have also been met and at this stage, the instructor can consider the student and opt to invite them to grade.

GradeMinimum Training TimeMinimum Age
White Belt > White Belt w/ Yellow Stripe2 months7 years
White Belt w/ Yellow Stripe > Yellow Belt2 months8 years
Yellow Belt > Yellow Belt w/ Green Stripe3 months8 years
Yellow Belt w/ Green Stripe > Green Belt3 months9 years
Green Belt > Green Belt w/ Blue Stripe3 months9 years
Green Belt w/ Blue Stripe > Blue Belt3 months10 years
Blue Belt > Blue Belt w/ Red Stripe4 months10 years
Blue Belt w/ Red Stripe > Red Belt6 months11 years
Red Belt > Red Belt w/ Black Stripe6 months11 years
Red Belt w/ Black Stripe > 1st Degree Black Belt6 months12 years
1st Degree Black Belt >
2nd Degree Black Belt
18 months14 years
2nd Degree Black Belt >
3rd Degree Black Belt
2 years16 years
3rd Degree Black Belt >
4th Degree Black Belt
3 years21 years
1) Regular tournament participation is a mandatory requirement for all students 5 years and up.

2) All students must participate in at least one Tournament before each grading.

3) All students, Yellow Belt and above are required to compete in the annual tournament which we host, The Warrior Open.

4) In order to participate in a tournament all students must be fully equipped. 

5) Uniforms must be cleaned, pressed and in reasonable condition. 

6) Students may be asked to replace items if necessary.

7) Females may wear a vest under their uniforms.

8) All Tournament entry is done via the Association and coordinated centrally by our Admin Team. Students will not be permitted to enter a Tournament independently if they wish to benefit from Association support for that event.

9) Where possible, we will provide an umpire from the club to attend tournaments. If a club umpire is unable to attend, the missing umpire fee will be split amongst all registered competitors.
At our club, we reserve the right to accept or decline a student if their negative behaviour affects the teaching environment. Our goal is to maintain a positive and productive learning environment for all participants.

Our trial sessions serve as an opportunity for both the student and the instructor to determine if our classes are the right fit.

We expect all students to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Listen to instructions attentively and follow them accordingly.
  2. Be polite and respectful to peers, instructors, and staff members.
  3. Arrive punctually for all classes and events.
  4. Take responsibility for your own belongings and keep the premises tidy.
  5. Demonstrate good sportsmanship and conduct yourself in a manner that reflects positively on the club.
Bullying of any form will not be tolerated within our club premises. We believe in fostering a safe and inclusive environment where all members can learn and grow without fear of harassment or intimidation.

By enrolling in our club, students and their parents/guardians agree to abide by these rules and uphold the values of respect, responsibility, and inclusivity. Failure to comply may result in suspension or expulsion from the club.