Monthly training fees depend on how many sessions a student does per week. Please note that there is a mandatory minimum based on age and grade.
Details about your Annual Membership and Training Fees can be found under our Club Rules.
Club Rules
We ask that you take the time to read the Club Rules section of our website, it’s very important as this contains all of the details regarding student expectations and obligations whilst a member of the Taekwon-Do Association.
1What is the payment process?
Training fees are paid by Electronic Direct Debit (EDD) on the 15th of the month in advance via NEST which is the 3rd party company that manages all of our online direct debits.
2Need to make adjustments to your membership?
Whether you want to increase your membership to training more days, freeze it due to an injury, a planned leave, or cancel it. We're here to help and explain how to do it.
3Upgrading your membership?
If you would like to increase your training just email us your request and we will advise you on what classes are available and pricing. We’ll then book you in your chosen class and adjust your direct debit payment - as easy as that!
4Freezing or Cancelling your membership?
If you are planning on going on holiday or you need a break to focus on exams for a few weeks - We offer the option to freeze a student’s membership for one month at a cost of £8.00/month per student. This is the minimum administrative charge to; retain the student’s space in the class, receive any communication from the office and have access to the member’s zone on the website.

Alternatively, there is also the option to cancel the membership so no further payments are taken, but please note that you will be automatically removed from the class register giving up your space in class and removed from our communications mailing list to conform with GDPR laws. This means you will need to contact us to rejoin if you wish to return to training.

Whichever option you choose please email the office your written notice one month in advance and we’ll get it done for you.
5Need to speak to someone?
We are one of the few Taekwon-Do Associations in the UK to have a full time Admin Team to assist our members.

You can contact us by either email or telephone Monday-Friday between 10:00 and 14:00.

If you need to speak to us but can’t during office hours, please email us to request a call after office hours.


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