14 May 2024
The Impact Open 2024 – Registration
Team Warrior has been invited to the Impact Open, on Sunday 30th June 2024. This competition is open to all yellow belts (8th Kups) and above. This is a fantastic tournament to enter, as a great level for all and well ran. We really recommend entering if you can!
2 May 2024
Spring Lil’ Warriors Assessment Grading Report – April 2024
On Saturday 27th April 2024, we held our Spring Lil’ Warriors Assessment, at our Wembley Academy. The day showcased the talent of our phenomenal younger students as they demonstrated their skills and hard work.
26 April 2024
The Holland Cup 2024 – Registration
Team Warrior has been invited to the Holland Cup, which is hosted by Sabum Tim Kool in Delft, Holland. This competition is one of the best organised ITF Taekwon-Do tournaments, which is attended by many high level international athletes each year.
4 April 2024
Barada Camp 2024
Barada Camp is an elite training camp, which is based at the Olympic Centre up in Rogla, Slovenia. This camp provides a wide range of classes which vary from Taekwon-Do, different kickboxing styles and stretching. All classes are taught by world-class trainers from all around the world.