Class information

Meeting ID: 975 9042 0223
Warrior Tips
💻 LOGGING ON: The session will be done via the group meeting software Zoom. You will need to download this to join us and have an account; it’s free to sign up.
🎥 CAMERA: Please position the camera so you can see your whole body from your training position. If you can see yourself, then we can see you too.
☀ Please be mindful not to have the sun directly behind you, otherwise, it will be hard for us to see you.
⛩ SPACE: Please make sure you have space to move, with no items or obstacles that you may bump into, kick or slip-on.
🥋 CLOTHING: Please wear your usual True Warrior Dobok, as you would in class.
🥤DRINK: It may be an idea to have water and a towel to hand. If you work hard enough, we may allow you to have a short break. 😏