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“Loyal” Shane O’Rourke wins bronze at WAKO Best Fighter

Bronze for “Loyal” Shane O’Rourke at 2017 WAKO Best Fighter.

Team Warrior made their WAKO World Cup debut at the 22nd edition of the prestigious event, and a great performance by Shane ‘Loyal’ O’Rourke ensured that it was a memorable first tournament.

Shane was the only Team Warrior athlete to take part in the competition, held in Rimini, Italy. Accompanied ITF England Head Coach Johann De Silva, he entered two categories: -84kg and -89kg light contact category.

There was a very high level of competition and, with a different scoring system to get used to, Shane performed admirably in defeat against a top-class opponent in the first round.  However, his efforts were rewarded in the -89kg category as he won bronze.

Johann De Silva reflected on another successful tournament for Team Warrior. “It was a fantastic competition,” said the De Silva Taekwondo founder. “Shane performed very well and this competition will definitely be a regular on our competitive calendar.”

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